Our Story

Our Family

Brayfield Park began with our family of five on the old farm in Wellington, South Australia. Close to twenty years on and our Brayfield Park family has grown to eleven, soon to be twelve. With four generations and twenty two hands to pitch in, everyone has a role to play - from Great Grandma sewing wheat bags right down to the smallest hands 'helping' to fill muslin bags with dried lavender. 

Harvesting Lavender

Our Lavender Farm

Rhona and Allan began planting lavender in 1997 on their farm in Wellington, South Australia. By 1998 the old field was well and truly established, along with a new found love and admiration for this hardy little plant. In 2000 Rhona perfected her first products, adapted from knowledge she gained through research and her own chemistry studies. The first bottle of Hand and Body Lotion was filled and labelled, and Brayfield Park was truly born. 

Today the farm is located in the picturesque town of Murray Bridge, around an hour's drive east of Adelaide, South Australia. The new field is set on a sloping cliff with sweeping views overlooking the River Murray, the old bridges and the town beyond. Since our relocation in 2006 we have grown and adapted our product range to include many new and exciting lotions and balms, but our original recipes and ingredients are still at the heart of our range. 

In 2008 we began work on the first of our bed and breakfasts, Brayfield Cottage. This was really a labour of love for Rhona and Allan, renovating and restoring the beautiful 1880's sandstone cart workshop adjacent to the main house and on the same land as the lavender field we farm today. 

Over the last two decades our business has changed in many ways, but the fundamentals are still the same. We are still working together as a family to grow and produce a beautiful, high quality product that we are passionate about, and that we hope will bring as much joy to our customers to use as it gives us to create.

Lavender Field overlooking bridge