Lavender Heel and Elbow Cream

This is ideally suited for people who have hard or dry skin particularly on their elbows and heels. Many men who work outdoors buy this product for cracked skin around the finger nails and women who wear thongs a lot in summer and develop cracked heels report excellent results from routine use.

Similar in many respects to the Lavender and Rose Night Hand Cream this recipe has been developed by adapting a traditional gardeners recipe. Our Lavender Heel and Elbow Cream is much thicker than the Lavender and Rose Night Hand Cream.

We recommend that you rub and work a small amount into the affected area at night as a preventative measure. This allows time for the essential oil and other ingredients to work.

For heels, a small amount rubbed in before putting socks on in the morning may also help.

Our Lavender Angustifolia Essential Oil works best if kept away from direct sunlight and we therefore recommend that in order to keep this product at its optimum it be stored in a cool area away (less than 30 0 Celcius) from direct sunlight.


Beeswax, Home made Soap, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Water Rose Hydrosol, Glycerine, Lavender Essential Oil, Unigerm, Vitamin E


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