Muslin Bags

Our Muslin Bags are filled with dried lavender grown on site at our farm. We fill our Muslins with a variety of lavender we grow called ‘Grosso’. Grosso is highly perfumed and the fragrance of the dried flower is reported to last for many years.

All of the dried lavender that we use in our products is grown on site and harvested by hand using a sickle. It is bunched and then left to dry away from the sun before the flower is stripped from the stems. The dried flowers are then sieved to remove any unwanted stem material. Depending on the intended use the flowers may be triple sieved to remove as much of the fine black seed as is possible. The lavender in our muslin bags, pillows and rounds has been triple sieved.

The fragrance in lavender comes from within the flower head. Therefore all you need to do is squeeze our muslin bags, pillows or rounds to re-release the beautiful smell.

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