Sweet Dreams Pillow

Our ‘Sleep Pillow’ which is placed between the pillow case and the pillow is ideally suited to people who are restless sleepers.

During the night as you roll over in bed, the movement releases more of the lavender oil and this is aids sleep.

The fragrance and properties in lavender are released when the flower is bruised, knocked or moved. Therefore the sleep pillow works effectively when people are restless. 

All of our sleep pillows are made using a pillow case and a pillow which encases the dried lavender. They are designed to offer the greatest amount of comfort as the pillow is a quilted fabric that is soft to touch. The pillow case can be removed and washed.

We only use our commercial grade ‘Grosso’ lavender for our sleep pillow and other dried lavender products and the fragrance is reported to last for many years. This is unlike household lavenders where the fragrance usually only lasts 12-18 months.

For people who just want to add a beautiful calming fragrance to a room, why not leave a sleep pillow behind the lounge cushions. They when the cushions are moved or sat on the fragrance of the lavender is released into the lounge room.

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